This site is a tribute to our awesome Mom, Sister, and Grandma Abby.  She was born in Pennsylvania on June 04, 1941. Passed on February 12, 2018.  Her family and many friends miss her dearly. 

Abby was a talented Artist, graduated from LA College.  She was very popular in High School, according to the notes in her High School Yearbook, which we read after she passed away.  Me, being her Daughter, I had no idea she was so popular and liked by so many in High School.  She didn't tell us, her children that she was so "cool".

She and my Dad married at age 22.  She became pregnant with me and my twin sister soon after.  Then, had our brother (John) 4 years later, then little sister (Katie) 2 years later. 

My Mom was the most creative when it came to holiday's and birthday's.  I could go on and on about every event, they were always "over-the-top". For Christmas, since she worked at the YMCA Christmas tree lot, she got her hands on the biggest tree available.  Every Christmas morning was a joy.  Loads of presents overflowed under the tree.  For birthday's she made sure to make every present special. The present was always a hit! Sometimes she made hats covered in candy bars, or gave a giant box of socks, with money hiding in the bottom of it.  My favorite, and most bizarre was the "17 bluebirds of happiness" for my daughter's 17th birthday.  She bought 17 plastic crows from the 99 cents store and painted them all light blue!  She had to have the best present ♥

Besides that, she was always there to accept my phone call.  From younger years complaining about boyfriends, then complaining about my husband, then to complaining about my kids and work, lol.  She always listened.  She was ALWAYS there for me and us.

I will miss her forever ♥



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